Everyone struggles from time to time, and this was my time

I look down at the ground as I make my way to school, kicking rocks down the endless pathway in a daze. It’s been happening again. I’m sad, confused, worried, and scared. Each step I take towards my new school only intensifies theses feelings. I want to turn around and run away, I want to sit down and shut out the world, but mostly I want to know – What is happening?

I haven’t made any friends at my new school yet, so I sit in the classroom by myself. I know my mom is worried and I hate to see her sad, but how can I help her when it feels like I can’t help myself?

My sadness and anxiety play on repeat in my head until I just can’t take it any more. I make my way, slowly, to the guidance counsellor, aware of every little noise along the way. Three knocks on the door and the process has begun.

The guidance counsellor suggests a new place to me, one that would ultimately change my life – Calgary Counselling Centre. My mom and I go together and meet with a counsellor who tells me its okay to feel the way I’m feeling. He tells me it’s time to get better.

With each session I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. I begin to look inside myself and figure out what is causing these feelings, and with the help of my mom, I work through them. We start a “change jar” at the suggestion of my counsellor. Each morning we pull an idea from the jar to try something new. We try eggs for breakfast instead of cereal, we go on long walks together, we communicate and help one another. I find myself looking forward to each and every day, what change will I embark on next?

My confidence is feeling restored. I was anxious, I was sad, I was scared… and I was normal. Everyone struggles from time to time, and this was my time.  I am so thankful for my time at Calgary Counselling Centre. I’m a better person for it.

I make my way to school down the short pathway.  It’s the end of term and I can’t wait to see my new friends. I keep my head up and embrace each day, this is the new me.

Matthew – Age 12

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