We can help.

1 out of 5 Calgarians develop an emotional challenge that if untreated can lead to serious problems.
No matter what you’re facing, there is help…

We make a difference.

Calgary Counselling Centre
  • Provides counselling for all (individuals, youth and families) of all backgrounds.
  • Conducts research ensuring our methods are proven to be effective.
  • Trains future counsellors.


We get results.

Our clients achieve above-average results through our commitment to counselling best practices which include continuous monitoring of clients’ well-being and satisfaction.  We measure every client’s well-being before and after each session and use client feedback to adjust and inform all our practices.

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Read the 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report

Calgary Counselling Centre has always been committed to improving the mental health and well-being of people in our community. We have grown with the population of Calgary, offering programs and services to help specific groups of people, from those dealing with domestic violence, to families struggling from the effects of the economic downturn, to others who lost everything when their homes were destroyed in natural disasters. In 2018, we received a record number of requests for service, and served our clients with barrier free access; no wait list and sliding scale fees.

Read the 2018 Report