commUNITY tile Campaign

Mental health impacts all of us in some way. Chances are, someone you know – a friend, a neighbour, a co-worker, a family member, or perhaps even yourself – is struggling. But what can we do to help?

Please consider making a donation to Calgary Counselling Centre’s commUNITY tile campaign in support of expanding mental health services in our community. By purchasing a tile for yourself or for your loved ones, you are ensuring members of our community get the compassionate, professional, and affordable counselling services they need, without a wait list regardless of ability to pay. For $125 per tile, you can make a real difference and be part of a lasting legacy.

Download a copy of our tile campaign order form and mail it to:

Tile Campaign Form

1000, 105 – 12 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 1A1


send via email to our Fund Development team

We all carry labels. Mother. Father. Daughter. Son. Sister. Brother.

Some labels are healthy and fit our lives well. But what about the one’s that hurt? The one’s that don’t fit who we want to be?

Sometimes, labels limit our well-being. Depressed. Angry. Difficult. Violent. Fat. Useless. Damaged. Unhappy. When these are the labels we use to describe ourselves, our life-story is limited and we find little room to grow.

Labels can’t begin to tell a person’s story. But for a person in crisis, that’s often all they can see; it’s all they hear. It’s a burden they shouldn’t have to carry.

In 2011, Calgarians accessed over 35,000 face-to-face counselling sessions at the Centre. But 78 per cent of our clients do not have the means to pay for counselling.

This is where you can make a difference. You can alleviate the burden for people who cannot afford counselling by enabling them to receive the help they need to live full and productive lives.

Every person makes a difference. When we help one person we help our entire community. Your support can change lives and our city for the better.

  • $35 can provide an at-risk adolescent with the resources to build self-esteem.
  • $250 can provide critical counselling sessions for a family in crisis.
  • $1,000 can help a person who has lost all hope overcome the crippling effects of depression.

To invest in the future of Calgarians in need, please Click Here


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