Vote YourStories for emotional flood relief

The Floods of 2013 blanketed our city with loss, with devastation and with hopelessness. In this time of emergency the citizens of Calgary and surrounding areas were asked to come together, and come together they did.

Calgary Counselling Centre places great emphasis on meeting the changing needs of the community, therefore, in response to the flooding we created an initiative that will encourage and assist citizens in their emotional recovery. The YourStories initiative is a tool to connect with victims who have been affected by the floods. This project is a great healing vehicle for our city as it encourages people of all ages to contribute a story, therefore aiming at bringing people from all walks of life together as one.

We are asking everyone to please vote and share the link: Voting ends August 31.

Children, teens, adults, seniors, couples and families can take part through sharing and discussing how their lives have been impacted – either through video or a written story.

The site will also contain vital information (through videos, links, tips and written facts) from CCC counsellors, such as signs to watch for if parents are concerned about their children’s well-being following times of crisis and coping methods that can be used if these signs should show up.

Throughout the flooding of Southern Alberta the importance placed on coming together in times of crisis was made extremely apparent, which is why we believe this type of initiative is a great way to continue building our community through collaboration of citizens. Having people share with one another through social media is a way of providing support to others in our community who may not have the confidence to share their story.

In an effort to continue to promote and expand our new project YourStories in addressing the mental health recovery for the Calgary flood we have applied for funding through Field Law Community Fund program. We have now qualified for the public to vote on our YourStories project.

For more information on Field Law Community Fund:

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