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resolve_legalDonors are the backbone of Calgary Counselling Centre. Their generosity enables our community to receive the help they need, and recover from their emotional struggles. Resolve Legal Group is no exception. Their unique partnership over the last three years has been valued and impactful. They recognize the importance of awareness, and have helped Calgary Counselling Centre in a variety of ways. Resolve Legal Group has volunteered for our community events, donated proceeds from seminars, invited us to co-facilitate courses at Chinook College, donated funds, and much more. Cyndy Morin – founder of Resolve Legal Group – started her journey with Calgary Counselling Centre many years ago, take a look at her story and how our partnership with Resolve Legal Group flourished.

The Resolve Legal Group and Calgary Counselling Centre Partnership
By: Cyndy Morin (Founder, Resolve Legal Group)

Today, in my office on my desk sits a bamboo shoot in a small vase. This Bamboo shoot was given to me many years ago by a Counsellor that I was seeing at Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC). I was in law school at the time and having relationship issues that my (then) partner and I were unable to work through on our own. Our Counsellor assisted us significantly through what was then a very difficult time and gave us the bamboo shoot to keep as a parting gift. Whenever I look at it, I see it as a sentimental reflection of my own personal growth since seeing my counsellor many years ago.

As a family law practitioner, I see the value that counselling can add for my clients who are going through their own relationship difficulties. Family law matters, unlike most other areas of law, involve a great deal of emotional strain and stress. Clients who have a counsellor they can work with during their legal process not only assists them with their own emotional well-being, but it also assists them in making better decisions with their legal matters. Clients who engage the services of a counsellor through their family law matters tend to deal with the pressures and stress of their legal matters better.

At our firm we try to take a holistic approach to our files, and in doing so we attempt to address not only our client’s legal needs but we recognize the value in trying to get our clients connected with the resources and assistance they may need on the inevitable emotional and financial stress that impacts the outcome of their legal matters. In addition to the quality of services that CCC provides to our clients, we also appreciate the sliding scale of fees that it offers, particularly when our clients are often facing financial crisis during a separation or divorce. Our firm supports any and all Access to Justice and Access to Mental Health initiatives. This is in part why we chose to support CCC as a third party fundraiser for the organization.

Additionally we appreciate the multitude of programs that are offered by CCC which assist our clients such as the Children of Divorce Program, the Self Esteem Programs and the Domestic Abuse Programs, to name a few. We appreciate that CCC recognizes that not only do the abused individuals need assistance and support, but so do the abusers, and CCC addresses both sides of the domestic violence dynamic. Our firm also appreciates that CCC offers programs specific to men who have been abused, as this often under identified issue exists within our client base as well.

In a nutshell, our firm’s philosophy is that part of our due diligence as family law lawyers is to ensure our clients are connected with the community resources they need to help them through their family law legal matters. CCC has been our largest resource to date and the support it provides our clients has been invaluable. As a former client and current supporter, I cannot say enough about the positive support the CCC provides through its programs, research and services.

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