Gail Bailey Acknowledges Social Media’s Impact on Relationships

social mediaCalgary Counselling Centre’s registered psychologist Gail Bailey offered her expert insight on A.M. 660 News radio on a study detailing the tension social media is creating between married couples.

Slater and Gordon’s Law Firm recently released a study stating that one in seven spouses have contemplated divorce because of questionable activity on social media.  Gail believes that the problem stems less from social media and more from a lack of communication.

“I think social media has become much more prevalent generally in our society,” Gail explains. “If there are arguments happening, it’s less about the social media and more about learning how to communicate. Note how you are feeling with your partner, and realize when you need help. Understand what else is going on in your relationship that needs to be discussed. ”

The study also indicates that 17 per cent of couples fight every day on social media, and 58 per cent of spouses know their significant other’s passwords – even without them knowing.

“Like anything else, it has to be used in moderation,” Gail shares, adding that social media is now a growing trend which appears in everyday conversations. She encourages couples to focus less on social media and more on the specific issues that are creating tension between them.


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