Calgary Counselling Centre Celebrates our Amazing Volunteers

When first time clients contact our Centre looking for a counsellor they can be scared, confused, or disheartened. It is the voice at the other end of the phone that comforts them, ensures them that counselling is a sign of strength, and helps them begin the process to make positive change. That voice is most likely the voice of one of our incredible volunteers. During the fall and winter 50 per cent of all shifts in the Nexen Call Centre are covered by volunteers, and during the summer 75 per cent of shifts in the Nexen Call Centre are covered by volunteers. Behind the voices are invaluable people eager to help, and fully qualified to do so.

“Our volunteers are a vital part of our organization,” say Jenny Hart, Volunteer Coordinator of the Nexen Call Centre. “It’s important to acknowledge all the hard work they do, and express our deepest thanks.”

Our volunteer base also stretches beyond our Call Centre into all departments of the Centre as well as external events. We are so thankful for all of the work our volunteers do, and would not be where we are without them. This past year alone our volunteers contributed 39,223 hours to our Centre.

Every single individual on our Board of Directors is a volunteer. Their expertise and contributions help our Centre run smoothly. Within our Centre our volunteers are of all ages and all demographics, they are all eager to learn, assist, and invoke positive change within our community. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our long term volunteers – some of which have been with us for almost ten years- and thank them for all that they do: Violet Nabigambo, Susan Vandenassem, Holly Desautels, and Martina Matijevic.

Canada’s nonprofit and voluntary sector is the second largest in the world. Canada is second only to the Netherlands. This statistic really spotlights how incredible our community is, and how important volunteering is. We appreciate each and every one of our volunteers, and can’t wait to keep moving Calgary Counselling Centre forward with the help of so many wonderful people.

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