Our Difference

We empower you to create lasting change in your life by engaging you in the counselling process in measurable ways that work best for you.

When people come to Calgary Counselling Centre they know something is not working well in their life. They know something’s off, or something’s just not feeling ‘right’.

That’s where Calgary Counselling Centre can help. Our counsellors have experience working with individuals, couples, parents, families and youth to identify what they want more of in their life. The counsellors then empower every client with the tools and self-awareness to make choices and take actions that support their well-being.

We don’t believe counselling is forever. In fact, our Feedback Informed Treatment model is designed to ensure you become an expert in your life as quickly and effectively as possible. At the beginning of every session we use the Feedback Informed Treatment to measure your progress, where you’re at, your relationship with your counsellor and how satisfied and effective that relationship is.

We believe in creating win/wins. Faster, more effective results for you through a client/counsellor relationship that works for you every step of the way.

And that’s the foundation of our difference. We put you in charge of your well-being by continuously measuring your progress and how we’re doing in helping you get the results you want.