Experiential and Strategic Treatment of Depression:

The Power of Focus and Experiential Learning in Teaching Mood Regulation Skills
April 27th to 29th, 2017


Dr. Michael D. Yapko

The rate of depression is rising in Canada and elsewhere around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is currently the second greatest cause of human suffering and disability. That observation alone tells us how serious and pervasive the problem of depression is. What are we learning about the factors that cause and spread depression across cross-national and demographic boundaries? The evidence is substantial that biology is less a factor in its spread than many have assumed and that social forces – including familial and cultural forces –are the greater factor. Simply prescribing an antidepressant alone is becoming the virtual definition of under-treatment. Psychotherapy as both a means of treatment and prevention has never been more necessary. But, not just any type of psychotherapy will do.

Experiential and Strategic Treatment of Depression is a three-day workshop that emphasizes the importance of utilizing active and well-targeted interventions when treating individuals suffering with depression. How you as a clinician think about and address fundamental questions – such as what causes depression and where treatment should best be aimed – naturally determines what treatment approach you are most likely to take. Regardless of whatever preferred orientation one might have, however, depression experts are virtually unanimous in their agreement that treatment needs to be multi-dimensional and active. Furthermore, the more we learn about the neuroscience of depression, especially neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, the more important well designed experiential learning processes become in treatment. These include the use of task assignments and focusing processes such as hypnosis and mindfulness.

Dr. Yapko’s well-known books on depression, which include Keys to Unlocking Depression, Depression is Contagious, Hypnosis and Treating Depression, Hand-Me-Down Blues, and Breaking the Patterns of Depression, have each broken new ground in one meaningful way or another. Dr. Yapko provides comprehensive and practical methods for understanding depression and its treatment using many of the latest research findings combined with his strong sense of pragmatism regarding effectiveness.

Lecture, discussion, video case examples, and structured skill-building exercises will be provided during the training. The emphasis will be on enhancing treatment skills.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the epidemiology of depression and relate the rising rates to social factors.
  • Identify key interpersonal patterns that cause and maintain depression in children, couples and families.
  • Identify the role of cognitive style in the onset of depression.
  • Identify individual client’s depressogenic patterns as therapeutic targets.
  • Develop specific active intervention strategies, especially hypnosis and task assignments, for facilitating recovery.
  • Understand the interface between individual and marital and family interventions in treating depression.
  • Design structured homework assignments to build the multi-dimensional skills needed to recover and also reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Identify opportunities for implementing preventive strategies.


Individual Registration: $400
CCC Alumni: $350
Full Time Student: $300

Location & Time:

Glamorgan Community Centre
4207 – 41 Avenue SW
Calgary AB
T3E 1G2

9am until 4:30pm

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