Donor Profile: RBC Future Launch

RBC has been a supporter of Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC) for many years. Through their generosity, many Calgarians have been able to receive life-changing counselling.

Last year, they helped to change lives at CCC in a unique way. In 2017, RBC introduced RBC Future Launch, an initiative to help young Canadians gain experience and develop skills to better prepare themselves for their future careers.

CCC was thrilled to receive $30,000 from this initiative and it impacted many of the students who train and develop skills in their time with us.

Residents and interns participate in counsellor training

As well as serving the community through world-class counselling, we have the largest training program in Western Canada for psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists. Every year, over 100 students from around the world come to our Haskayne Learning Centre for Graduate and Post-Graduate counselling studies.

We also hire summer students and interns each year in the areas of communications, graphic design, information technology, finance, and research.

All of the students that walk through our doors are given opportunities to gain experience, develop skills, receive mentorship, and build their professional network.

The RBC Future Launch initiative allows us to continue to provide these opportunities to young people and help them to be ready for the world of work.

“It gives me experience doing research in the field I would like to work within in the future,” says one student benefiting from the program. “It also gives me an opportunity to meet and build connections with other individuals working in the field.”

“RBC allowed us to see the true impact of the program in the lives of young people who train or volunteer at Calgary Counselling Centre,” says CCC CEO, Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner. “We are committed to running this program into the future and are thrilled about the role in plays in preparing young people for employment.”

Thank you RBC for you commitment to young Canadians and their future!

Katherine Hurtig