Paying it Forward

Each and every one of our donors, from individuals to corporations, allow us to do what we do best – change lives. When we announced we were moving to our new home in the Kahanoff Centre, Husky and Imperial offered a gift-in-kind of unneeded furniture to help us create a space for our clients that was professional, modern and inviting.

Thanks to Husky and Imperial, Calgary Counselling Centre received desk suites, waiting room chairs, desk chairs, white boards, tables and more.


After furnishing our new space, we needed to do something with our existing office furniture. That’s when we decided to pay their generosity forward and we reached out to 15 community organizations including school and youth groups, other non-profits and health charitable organizations to see if they could put any of our furniture to good use.

Below is an excerpt from a letter we received from Patti Morris, Executive Director of Wellspring Calgary, who was one of the recipient organizations.

“I am writing to extend our most sincere gratitude for the much-needed donation of desk sets and office furnishings. As you know, we were very excited to be working to launch a second centre, but also working to ensure that we did so in as cost-effective a manner as possible. Your gift at precisely the right time allowed us to set up all of our work spaces at no cost. We believe this to be a $25,000 cost saving if we had to buy new! Money that we look forward to putting into program delivery. It is our remarkable privilege to be witness to your good work every day in our community. It has also been our distinct privilege to work alongside you and in this instance, to benefit from your tremendous kindness. A deep bow from all of us at Wellspring Calgary to all of you.”


At Calgary Counselling Centre, we believe that every person can make a difference, one good deed might not seem like much, but all good deeds spark a cycle of generosity and kindness that helps our entire community.

The generosity of the community allows Calgary Counselling Centre to continue to operate with a sliding fee scale and provide counselling session financial subsidies those in need.

Thank you again to Husky and Imperial for their significant gifts to improve our new space.

Nick Heer