Donor Profile: Children’s Hospital Aid Society (CHAS)

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At the 2016 Annual CHAS Holiday Luncheon, Children’s Hospital Aid Society (“CHAS”) announced its investment of $50,000 to support Calgary Counselling Centre’s adolescent depression and mental health programs as part of our Defy Depression campaign.

The funds received by CHAS will continue to allow Calgary Counselling Centre to provide counselling for youth, individuals, and families in our city.

In Calgary on average, four to eight kids are depressed in every classroom, however only one or two are getting help. Calgary Counselling Centre, with CHAS’s help is working to Defy Depression – our multi-year initiative to support those struggling with depression in our community.

Defy Depression seeks to combat the rapidly growing issue of depression through early detection screening, ensuring access to counselling services when they need it, training for counsellors, students, and mental health service providers on leading international best practices, and ongoing evaluation and analysis of outcomes.

For 109 years, CHAS has been working to raise funds to help improve the health and well-being of children and young adults in Calgary and area. CHAS is 100 per cent volunteer run, with 75 volunteer women who pay a fee to belong, has no paid staff and keeps its administration costs to less than three per cent. CHAS raises funds primarily through numerous fundraising events throughout the year. Last year, CHAS donated $501,900 to the Alberta Children’s Hospital and 28 other local children and youth focused charities for programming, health and learning, equipment, structural improvements, and research.

We are grateful to CHAS for their meaningful contribution. With their support, we can continue to improve the health and well-being of adolescents in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Nick Heer