As the water recedes…

The Southern Alberta floods showed Mother Nature at her worst, but the response is showing humanity at its best. The courage of our province and the willingness to help during this time has been incredible. Calgary Counselling Centre is, and always will be, here to assist with emotional issues that can arise out of trauma.

A natural disaster not only takes a physical toll, but an emotional one. Symptoms can be confusing, intense, and frightening. There are a number of things individuals can do to deal with the symptoms, and as hard as it may be – get back to normal.

Five tips for dealing with a natural disaster:

  1. Re-establish a routine: Often people find comfort in what is familiar. Even if your work, school and home life are disrupted finding ways to help structure your day with things like meals, sleep, and spending time with family can help provide a sense of normalcy.
  2. Connect with your loved ones: You might be tempted to withdraw from activities or avoid others after experiencing a natural disaster, but it’s important to stay connected to the people that care about you. Spend time with loved ones, connect with other survivors and take advantage of the extra support groups in your community.
  3. Acknowledge your feelings: Sadness, anger, shock, fear, grief and anxiety are all normal reactions to a natural disaster. Give yourself the time to heal and mourn your losses. Talk to someone about your feelings: like a friend, family member or counsellor.
  4. Reduce your stress: Relaxation is a must not a luxury. Do relaxing activities such as mediation, read a book, take a bath or watch an uplifting movie. Getting sleep is also very important to reducing stress. Go to bed at the same time everyday and do something relaxing prior to bedtime.
  5. Seek support: Calgary Counselling Centre is here to help.

Contact us at to register for counselling online.

The Alberta Floods of 2013 is the worst natural disaster this province has ever experienced. Although Mother Nature has torn our province apart, we as a community are pulling it back together.

Calgary Counselling Centre is going to join with the community to help bring our city, and our province, back together. The recovery phase is when we are needed most. Our community is already shining through the water, and we at Calgary Counselling Centre will help it continue to do so.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by the flood and need help coping we’re here to help. You can register online at

Some of the amazing things already being done in the community and resources to lend a hand are as follows:
Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief Fund: or 1-800-418-1111
All Volunteer Opportunities:

More Information: City of Calgary News Blog:

Photo Credit: Calgary Flood – Photograph by: Stuart Gradon, Calgary Herald

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