Job Opportunities

Calgary Counselling Centre is Calgary’s largest provider of counselling services and an accredited teaching agency. Opportunities are available to those who have well established professional experience and are looking for full time employment.

As a teaching centre, we are seeking individuals who are interested in supervising/mentoring clinicians and enjoy teaching seminars and workshops, both internally and externally.

Current Job Postings

Sorry, there are no openings at this time.

Student Opportunities

Education and training has been a cornerstone of our organization since we opened our doors in 1962. Students that study and train at the Centre are the community’s leading professionals of tomorrow, and will be called on to meet the increasing counselling needs and challenges of the future.

In addition to the students enrolled in the Centre’s counselling program, the Centre provides opportunity for students of communications, marketing, research, and technology support to develop their skills and contribute to the daily operation of a growing organization.

Current Student Opportunities

Please check back to see new student opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Over 185 volunteers assist us in every department of our organization. The daily operation of the Centre relies heavily on volunteers. Hundreds of volunteers generously donate thousands of hours of their time and energy to the Centre.

From a volunteer Board of Directors, to volunteers who contribute to our counselling program, volunteers help us meet the ever increasing demand for our services. By providing time and effort, Calgary Counselling Centre volunteers help us increase capacity and keep operating costs down in a number of vital areas. Volunteers serve in the Nexen Call Centre (Intake), perform research and administrative duties and help ensure the success of special events. We’re proud they make time to help Calgary Counselling Centre.

Current Volunteer Needs

If you’re interested in being on Calgary Counselling Centre’s team of volunteers, please send our Volunteer Coordinator your resume.