Winter blues got you down?


The most depressing day of the year is looming over us – January 20 marks Blue Monday 2014. A combination of wintery weather, holiday bills piling up, and returning to work, can make this time of year a challenge for some.

Although Blue Monday is not scientifically-proven, this day offers the chance to create awareness about mental health in a non-threatening environment. We encourage you to start conversations with those around you; family, friends, co-workers or your trusted support network, as an attempt to break down the stigmas and shed positive light on mental health.

Here are six tips to manage the winter blues:
  1. Energize with activities: help shed a positive light on mental health by incorporating some fun on Blue Monday. Wear bright colors, share a funny video with your friend, or join in a staff activity at your workplace.
  2. Rejuvenate yourself: make a conscious effort to eat well and exercise during this period. This will help get both your body and mind back on track and keep you from falling back into negative thoughts or feelings.
  3. Embrace gratitude: rather than looking at the possible negative outcomes following the holidays, try and focus your energy on the good. Look for the happiness that comes with having a fresh start this year.
  4. Assess the situation: it is important to take a moment and check in with yourself to gauge whether the feelings you are experiencing or temporary, or something more than that. Seek help when it is affecting your life, work or relationships.
  5. Expect good things: give yourself something to look forward to so that you feel better about leaving the holidays behind. Plan a weekend getaway, try a new sport, or meet a friend for lunch.
  6. Do a self check-in: take our short online and anonymous depressing screening test at to check in with your emotional well-being this time of year.

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