Unmasking Depression with 660 News

Craig Lester of 660 news moderates the online discussion at the Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC) took part in a live online chat with 660 News on Friday, May 11th in order to “unmask depression.” During National Mental Health Week 660 news ran a five part feature on depression, wrapping up with this innovative way of engaging with the public concerning depression. CCC was thrilled to participate, and start the conversation with the community.

Craig Lester of 660 news organized the online live chat as he had previously faced depression, and wanted to be sure that those currently struggling had the resources to seek help, and speak up. There is a certain stigma attached to depression, and this online live chat was a step to reduce it.

Counsellors David Small and Sheena Gauthier engage with the community during the online discussion

The online chat started out with great success as questions had been asked before it had even opened up.  Our counsellors Lynda Snyder, David Small, and Sheena Gauthier provided inspirational answers, and were eager to engage the public on such an important issue.  The questions varied from symptoms,

to the correlation between depression and anxiety.  There were a few members who logged on to the chat simply to offer their support and gratitude to the Calgary Counselling Centre, and the work that we do.

The closing comment, made by a member of the public with the screen name “Cowtown” reads as follows:

“I have personally benefitted from both Distress Centre (24-hr helpline may have saved my life) and CCC (individual and group therapy) who got me off the deck and gave me the long-term insight and confidence I needed to be productive and happy again. If you need meds, get counselling too.”

If you wish to view the entire chat log please feel free to contact us at We will gladly send it along.

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