Treating Depression Strategically – Reducing Depression’s Hold on Western Society with World Renowned Expert Dr. Michael Yapko


Dr. Michael Yapko

Rates of depression affecting men and women have been going up. and the age at which depression first strikes has been steadily dropping for more than a half century. As the rates of depression increase, the more important it is to understand and design effective forms of treatment. World renowned experts such as Dr. Michael Yapko are helping to reduce the hold depression has on predominantly western society, and Calgary Counselling Centre is both honoured and excited to bring him to our city for a two day workshop for clinicians.

“The opportunity to work with Dr. Michael Yapko increases the effectiveness of treatment options our counsellors are able to offer to our community,” says Dr.Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO of Calgary Counselling Centre. “We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to not only our staff, but to clinicians around Calgary.”

Dr. Michael Yapko is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist residing in Fallbrook, California. Dr. Yapko routinely teaches to professional audiences around the world regarding effective treatment of depression, and is the published author of many books including “Depression is Contagious” and “Breaking the Patterns of Depression.” Calgary Counselling Centre invites clinicians to attend a two day workshop put on by Calgary Counselling Centre and Dr. Yapko entitled: Treating Depression Strategically: The Power of Experiential Learning in Teaching Mood Regulation Skills”.

The workshop will explore the social side of depression, and emphasize the importance of utilizing proactive and well-targeted interventions when treating depression. This is done by focusing on well-designed experiential learning processes such as hypnosis and mindfulness.

In the workshop Dr. Yapko will discuss such issues as; how the pharmaceutical industry encourages people to ignore the social side of depression, why depression isn’t fated by brain chemistry, genes or diet, ho to function preventively and reduce a child’s “depression in heritance”.

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