Post Graduate Residency

The Calgary Counselling Centre is recognized by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology as a Private Educational Institution and by Human Resources Development Canada as a designated Educational Institution. The Post Graduate Counsellor Residency Training Program (Residency) is designed to enhance counselling knowledge and develop advanced counselling skills. Residency positions become available on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

The total cost of course work is $12,000. Tuition is paid to Calgary Counselling Centre in monthly installments beginning with the first month of the residency. All applicants are eligible to apply for a bursary of $30,000 to support them while they are in the program. The bursary is provided in monthly installments.

College of Alberta Psychologists Residencies

Calgary Counselling Centre offers a one year Post Graduate Residency program which allows Provisional Registered Psychologists to obtain the clinical hours and supervision required to become registered as a psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Within the year of Residency at the Centre the Resident will be required to complete the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 35 hours per week working on site
  • Completion of 816 face-to-face counselling hours
  • Completion of 144 group counselling hours
  • Weekly training seminars on Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. -12 p.m.
  • One Call Centre shift per month in the Call Centre (three hours)
  • One Quick Response shift per month (be on call for one hour)

Click here for a description of the courses offered.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Post Graduate Counsellor Residency Training Program is based upon a selection process. Minimum admission requirements include:

  • A Master’s degree from a recognized university with a major in counselling psychology or clinical psychology. Preference will be given to candidates who have already had their credentials approved by the College of Alberta Psychologists.
  • A grade point average of 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale, sufficient enough to support the ability to participate in a rigorous, post graduate program of study and applied training.
  • Two reference forms completed by professional or academic sources, preferably from persons able to comment meaningfully on the motivation and ability of the applicant to undertake advanced training in counselling practice.
  • An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae.
  • A letter of application substantiating interest, qualifications and experience relevant to the field of counselling. In this letter we ask our applicants to comment on how their life experiences, academic background and professional activities make them a suitable candidate for the program. Applicants may also comment on how this program will assist them in meeting their career objectives.

Application Process

  1. Contact our Student Services Administrator to discuss current openings that are available for Residency positions and address any questions you may have.
  2. If there are openings available, our Student Services Administrator will send the application package.
  3. Complete the package and forward all supporting documents to the Calgary Counselling Centre.
  4. Once all supporting documentation has been received by the Centre, an interview will be set up with a potential supervisor.
  5. Following the interview with the supervisor, a decision will be made and the applicant will be advised accordingly. All admission decisions are final.

Other Residencies

There may be opportunities for other Residencies for Social Work as well as registration with other professional bodies (such as AAMFT). If you are interested in this type of residency please contact our Student Services Administrator to discuss this further.