The Domestic Abuse Treatment Webinar Series (Fall 2012 – 2013)

What if you could have world renowned leaders in the areas of domestic abuse right in your own home or office discussing the best practices and quantifiable research within the sector? Internationally acclaimed authors, doctors, and clinicians with decades of experience answering your questions, and engaging you in a once in a lifetime presentation?  It is possible, and it is happening.

Calgary Counselling Centre is bringing you this experience digitally with our Domestic Abuse Treatment Webinar Series launching on November 6th, 2012.  This complex and intellectually fulfilling series has presenters from all over North America addressing issues of domestic abuse treatment like: the controversies and consideration when working with couples affected by domestic abuse, recognizing the best treatment plan for victims, working with couples where substance abuse and domestic abuse are concerns, and understanding the role of trauma in domestic abuse.

“The webinar allows people to access world renowned training from internationally acclaimed presenters, without the cost of travel expenses,” says Dr. Lynda Snyder, Director of Education and Training Initiatives at Calgary Counselling Centre, and the Developmental Coordinator and Facilitator for the webinar. “The reality is that when it comes to domestic abuse: offenders will always vary, and victims will always vary. Treatment needs to be suited to specific needs.”

This year’s webinar is proud to host some of the worlds most influential thinkers in the field of domestic violence including: Dr. Christine Courtois, a published author and award winner who has received international recognition for her work on complex trauma disorders; Dr. Keith Klostermann, a licensed mental health counsellor widely published in the areas of domestic abuse and substance abuse; Christine Berry, the award winning Director of Family Violence Prevention Initiatives at Calgary Counselling Centre;  Dr. Sandi Stith and Dr. Eric McCollum, published authors and experienced marriage and family therapists; and Nick Todd, an experience and published clinician who has worked in the area of trauma and violence since 1993.

Past participants of webinars conducted by Calgary Counselling Centre have always left satisfied and provided positive feedback such as: “I liked that specific, concrete tools were presented on what you can use with a particular client at each of the different stages of change,” and “An extremely good professional development opportunity that I can take at my workplace with some of my colleagues working in domestic violence.”

Get ready to expand your knowledge, advance you career, and be inspired right from your own home or office. Do not miss your chance to learn from these incredible world renowned speakers working towards a better tomorrow.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar series is designed for those working in the family violence/domestic abuse area as counsellors, therapists, caseworkers and mediators.

Continuing Education Credits

3 Category “A” credits are available to those who complete the three sessions within each webinar and have fulfilled all of the continuing education requirements.

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