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Mental health and the LGBTQ+ community

How non-LGBTQ+ individuals treat those who are LGBTQ+ today is changing, but there is still a long way to go when eliminating prejudice and discrimination. Although no one’s experience is the same, it is important to recognize that due to their circumstances, LGBTQ+ individuals have a higher risk of mental health issues. There are many different factors … Read more

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The most important lesson a father can teach his son

“Man up.“ “Boys don’t cry.“ “Suck it up.“ These are the messages of our society. The ways that males are portrayed on film, television, and other media that we consume, are that of power and unwavering strength; someone who is … Read more

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Your support helps kids like Sarah and Jack

When children and youth face depression and anxiety they experience all the same symptoms that adults do, but they do not have the mental ability to acknowledge it for what it is. And that makes it far more dangerous. Young … Read more

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Donor Profile: Children’s Hospital Aid Society (CHAS)

At the 2016 Annual CHAS Holiday Luncheon, Children’s Hospital Aid Society (“CHAS”) announced its investment of $50,000 to support Calgary Counselling Centre’s adolescent depression and mental health programs as part of our Defy Depression campaign. The funds received by CHAS … Read more

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13 Reasons Why – The show everyone is talking about

Whether you have read the book, watched the series, or heard about it in the news, the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is the show everyone is talking about. Based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher, … Read more

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