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Travis’ story – Counselling is something that no one should be afraid of

 This is Travis. The feeling of not being good enough is draining and debilitating. Because of thoughts like these, Travis had distanced himself from the people closest to him. He started counselling and learned that it was okay and … Read more

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Natalie’s Story – I’m not the same person that walked in here a few years ago

From October 1-7, check-in with your mental health with our free, anonymous online depression screening test at test4depression.com This is Natalie. She is a mom and entrepreneur in Calgary. Natalie had been struggling with depression and the trauma of being … Read more

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Greg’s story – How counselling helped my family move forward

Parents are not always equipped to deal with everything their kids are going through. I’ve learned to accept this fact over the past few months. I love my two daughters, and as their dad, when something is wrong or they’re hurt, … Read more

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Your support helps kids like Sarah and Jack

When children and youth face depression and anxiety they experience all the same symptoms that adults do, but they do not have the mental ability to acknowledge it for what it is. And that makes it far more dangerous. Young … Read more

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Volunteers Wanted! National Depression Screening Day 2017

                    We are seeking volunteers to help us with a community initiative called National Depression Screening Day during the week of October 2-8, 2017. We are looking for tech-savvy volunteers who … Read more

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