Summer Students Complete Another Successful Term at Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary Counselling Centre celebrated the many contributions its summer students made towards the Centre’s projects in counselling, communications, marketing and research.

“These students always bring a unique perspective to the Centre,” explains Calgary Counselling Centre CEO Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner. “The work these students put towards our many projects have a profound impact on how we deliver our services and we appreciate their contributions.”

The Centre trains graduate and post-graduate students in psychology, social work and marriage and family therapy throughout the year. Recognized locally and nationally, the Centre has provided specialized training to over 600 students since 2005.

Jennifer Misurelli, Counselling Intern, is in the process of attaining her practicum for a Bachelor of Social Work. She says the summer provided her with several opportunities.

“I was able to work as part of an amazing team, and develop my skills as an individual to work directly with families, couples and individuals to help create and motivate change,” Jennifer explains.  “I am very grateful for my time spent here at the Calgary Counselling Centre, and give special thanks to my supervisor and colleagues for the wisdom and knowledge they gave me during my time at the agency.”

Issac Palmer, Counselling Intern, is working towards his Master’s of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Lethbridge. He says the training at the Centre has been invaluable.

“I wanted the opportunity to learn clinical skills that I need as a future psychologist, and the mentorship I received from my supervisor helped me close the gap,” Issac explains.

Kim Grauman, Counselling Intern, has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology and a Master’s in Psychology. She says working at the Centre has been memorable.

“I have deepened my understanding of counseling through my work with clients, staff, and other students; everyone will be missed and I hope we stay connected,” Kim says.

Mackenzie Dutka, Communications Assistant, says the Centre refined her communication and marketing skills.

“The work I have done has not only been relevant to my field of study, but has also broadened my understanding and appreciation for the communications field,” Mackenzie explains. “Creating social media posts, client stories, blog articles and brochure content has helped me develop a new confidence in my writing.”

Emilie Lacroix, Summer Research Assistant, says the experience was beneficial for her career development.

“This opportunity not only allowed me to build my proficiency in statistical software and develop familiarity with common psychological measures, but also gave me the chance to apply my research skills in an environment to which I would otherwise not have been exposed,” Emilie says.

Calgary Counselling Centre is proud to be a part of the students’ career development and would like to them for their contributions.

Full List of 2015 Summer Students

  • Travis Hauck
  • Jennifer Misruelli
  • Isaac Palmer
  • Kim Grauman
  • Janelle Vanderwerff
  • Mackenzie Dutka
  • Chalsie Henry
  • Samara Mayer
  • Emilie Lacroix
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