Calgary Centre for Counselling Research

Calgary Counselling Centre is recognized as a Centre of Excellence in research throughout the human service community. Currently we’re involved in over 10 research projects. Our database of over 30,000 records provides richness and depth to our understanding of the effectiveness, impact and viability of our practices.

As a guiding principle. Calgary Counselling Centre applies program research to meeting the changing needs of our clients. Our mandate is to provide accountable, research-based (linked to literature and best practices) services and programs.

Calgary Counselling Centre has developed the largest domestic abuse database in Canada and we are a leader in North America regarding the development of domestic abuse prevention and programs. The Centre also has focused research initiatives and pilot programs in areas such as male victims of abuse, eating disorders, self-esteem, depression and the effects of divorce on children.

We believe evaluation is essential in order to be accountable to clients, funders, the community, the agency itself, and professional counselling bodies.

What do we do?

  • Our research is “practice based”.
  • Research and Practice are a continuous iterative process.
  • We use our data to learn about the counselling process, counselling outcomes and ways to improve results for clients.
  • We adjust approaches to cases based on our understanding of our work that the research provides.