Calgary Centre For Counselling Research

We rely on thorough research and solid data to provide world-class counselling. Our in-house team of experts research best practices in counselling so we can always provide meet the needs of the people we serve. We are recognized as a Centre of Excellence in research in the counselling and human services industry.

Our use of Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) sets us apart and gives us reliable information on outcome measurement that achieves a number of important goals: it helps our clients achieve results, helps us develop more effective programs and helps improve counsellor practice.

We are a leader in North America in the development of domestic abuse prevention and programs. We have research initiatives in areas such as male victims of abuse, eating disorders, self-esteem, depression and the effects of divorce on children.

What We’ve Accomplished

Our 2018 Results


We have been improving lives for over 50 years and our session-by-session measurements have been in place since 2004 . We have been visionaries and pioneers in our field. Our deep-rooted focus on practice-based evidence research has improved results for our clients.

In 2018, 48% of clients improved or recovered based on the OQ 45 (the outcome measure). The benchmark for improvement and recovery is 35%. Significantly better results have been experienced by Calgary Counselling Centre clients, with our results outperforming published benchmarks by 37%.

Another 48% of clients’ emotional and mental well-being stabilized, where the published benchmarks are 57%. Our results outperform this published benchmark by 19%.

Research Collaborators and Projects

We collaborate with many educational institutions and community organizations to expand our research potential and encourage thriving collaborations:

  • RESOLVE Alberta, a tri-prairie research network that coordinates and supports research aimed at ending Domestic Abuse

  • University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work

  • International Centre of Clinical Excellence (ICCE)(Chicago)

  • University of Calgary Mathison Centre for Mental Health Education & Research

  • University of Wisconsin

Project examples:

  • Characteristics of Single Session Clients

  • Counselling Follow-up: Do people maintain their changes over time

  • National Depression Screening Day

  • Trauma Informed Research & Training

Student project examples:

  • Mental Health of Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Effectiveness of Couples Counselling

  • Relationship between Client Characteristics, Outcomes, & Satisfaction

Student opportunities

Join our team of outstanding researchers. We always have opportunities for student projects — undergraduate and graduate practicum placements for students in Social Work, Psychology and Community Health Sciences. We also accept volunteers looking for research experience. Contact us.

Academic Publications

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