My experience at the Centre has been a positive one…

I began volunteering because I wanted to build upon my psychology degree and gain experience within the field before I applied to any future graduate school. I am excited to be embarking on that journey as I begin my after degree in elementary inclusive education, to compliment my bachelor degree in psychology. I felt there was no better way to get involved in my field than lend my support and share my expertise with the Centre.

My experience at Calgary Counselling Centre has been a positive one. I am always learning and developing new skills. There is a constant flow of new students and volunteers so you are always meeting new people and masking connections within the field of psychology.

To my sum up my experience at the Centre, I would describe it as, pleasant, enjoyable, and knowledge-building. It has been so much more than a volunteer position. It t has opened doors for me in my professional life, allowed me to build new friendships, and most importantly, give back to an organization that truly deserves my support. The Centre has kept me growing as both a person and a professional, and for that I feel so fortunate.

I would recommend the Centre for volunteering for a couple of reasons; it is a great working environment that allows you to gain both knowledge and skills in a work setting as well as make connections within the field of psychology and other similar professions. It doesn’t stop there. The immense appreciation for the work I do never goes unnoticed. Each shift my supervisor reminds me that the Centre would not run as smoothly without my support and is constantly thanking me for volunteering my time. Alissa

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