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Media Releases

Nexen donates $35,000 to Calgary Counselling Centre to support economically disadvantaged Calgarians

CALGARY, March 7, 2018 – Calgary Counselling Centre is pleased today to announce a $35,000 investment from Nexen
Energy to support economically disadvantaged and vulnerable Calgarians through access to counselling services.

In 2017, Calgary Counselling Centre provided over 34,000 counselling sessions and saw 7,119 clients – with 61% of those clients requiring subsidized counselling support.

Nexen’s generous investment will help provide subsidized counselling to those who might not otherwise be able to afford counselling.

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Resolve Legal Group and the University of Calgary Faculty of Law establish annual joint charity fundraiser.

CALGARY, November 30, 2017 – The first ever innovative Wills Week initiative put on by local Calgary law firm Resolve Legal Group in partnership with the University of Calgary Faculty of Law and other local legal firms has raised $10,000 in support of mental health programs at Calgary Counselling Centre.


Bell Let’s Talk donates $15,000 to Calgary Counselling Centre’s Urgent Access for Depressed Youth program 

CALGARY, October 5, 2017 – Calgary Counselling Centre is pleased to receive a $15,000 grant from the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund to support the Urgent Access for Depressed Youth program.

 “We know that in Calgary alone, four to eight kids in every classroom are depressed, but only one or two are getting help,” said Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO of Calgary Counselling Centre. “Calgary needs services for children and youth that are accessible and immediate. This grant from the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund will allow us to continue to support the youth of our city regardless of their ability to pay and with no waitlist.”



Depression continues to affect nearly half of all Albertans
National Depression Screening Day aims to educate that depression is the most treatable mental health issue.

CALGARY, September 27, 2017 – For the last ten years, Calgary Counselling Centre has been spearheading National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), an initiative to help defy depression in our community. From October 2 – 8, 2017, Calgary Counselling Centre will once again be offering a free, anonymous and online depression-screening test as part of a weeklong awareness campaign.


Media Advisory: Calgary Counselling Centre and Calgary Chamber present Kelly Hrudey: The competitive advantage in supporting mental health

CALGARY, September 27, 2017 – On Monday, October 2, 2017, Calgary Counselling Centre and Calgary Chamber will partner to kick off National Depression Screening Week with an address to the business community featuring Kelly Hrudey.

Kelly Hrudey and his family are no strangers to the struggles of mental health issues. His daughter, Kaitlin, has grown up battling anxiety and OCD, and now, in her early twenties, is facing a new challenge as she enters the workforce. Hear from both Kelly and his daughter on how the effects of mental health issues shaped their family and the struggles they work to overcome every day.


Media Advisory: Calgary Counselling Centre and ATB Entrepreneur Centre present: Awareness to Action

What: On Monday, October 2, 2017, media are invited to attend Awareness to Action – a panel discussion and art installation around workplace and community mental health hosted by Calgary Counselling Centre and the ATB Entrepreneur Centre in support of National Depression Screening Day. The theme for the panel discussion is action around workplace mental health and mental health problems. Each panelist brings a unique perspective on this and your questions will be most welcome. We will be also be providing a link and demo to the NDSD screening test “5 Minutes Can Change Your Life” at the event. The event will also include a sneak peek at Danny Miller’s photo display about people living with mental health.


RBC Announces RBC Access to Care at Calgary Counselling Centre
Investment supports individuals who cannot afford to pay more than $8 per counselling session.

CALGARY, March 8, 2017 –While many Albertans have been watching the price of oil since it dropped over two years ago, Calgary Counselling Centre has been tracking a different set of numbers. Since November of 2014, Calgary Counselling Centre has seen a 21 per cent increase in the number of requests for counselling, and a 41 per cent increase in the number of Calgary Counselling Centre clients who are unemployed.

In response to these numbers, we are pleased to share today the creation of RBC Access to Care at Calgary Counselling Centre. With their significant investment of $50,000, RBC is helping to provide subsidized counselling to individuals who cannot afford to pay more than $8 per counselling session.



Calgary Counselling Centre Experiencing Record Numbers
Increased numbers of people seeking counselling likely due to state of Alberta economy.

CALGARY, March 1, 2017 –Since November 2014, the month that the price of oil dropped, Calgary Counselling Centre has seen a 55.6 per cent increase in the number of people requesting mental health and counselling services. Through the Centre’s client-feedback model, data shows that the level of depression, anxiety and mental health distress in clients continue to rise significantly in correlation with the state of the economy. Today, the average first session score of Calgary Counselling Centre clients is 74.16, up from 72 in 2015. A score of 63 or higher indicates that a client is experiencing some level of distress.


Conquering Depression 365 Days a Year
January 16 is Blue Monday, often labelled the most depressing day of the year

CALGARY, January 16, 2016 – Feeling blue? Chances are you’re not alone. Monday, January 16, 2017, marks what some call the most depressing day of the year, often referred to as Blue Monday. Although research behind Blue Monday is not scientifically proven, cold weather, holiday credit card bills, and failed resolutions can make this time of year a challenge for many, especially those who are unemployed or under financial stress.


The Top 10 Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

Calgary, AB – December 13, 2016 – Calgary Counselling Centre encourages Calgarians to take care of their emotional well-being with 10 simple tips.

From the pressure of finding the perfect gift, tension between family members, and financial strain to extra temptations to those who are battling eating disorders or addiction, for some, the holiday season can create or emphasize depressive or anxious feelings.

“The holidays are many things to many people, and as a result can bring out a variety of emotions,” says Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO of Calgary Counselling Centre. “We tend to see a worsening of anxiety or depressive symptoms this time of year, but we emphasize that there are simple steps everyone can take to proactively and positively affect their mental health.”

Calgary Counselling Centre encourages everyone to take care of their emotional well-being by following simple tips to find balance during this stressful time of year.


Depression is the most treatable of all mental health issues. 

Calgary, AB – September 29, 2016 – Nearly a decade ago, the World Health Organization predicted that depression would leap from the fourth to the second greatest cause of human suffering and disability by the year 2020. Unfortunately we have already reached this milestone.


New research shows continued impact of economic downturn on the mental health of Calgarians. 

Calgary, AB – May 31, 2016 – New research from Calgary Counselling Centre is showing that the levels of distress of Calgarians is on the rise. This new report shows that the average level of distress for those who are unemployed, seeking counselling and looking for work not only increased from 2014 to 2015 but is continuing to rise significantly through 2016. This is important because it illustrates on a more concrete level the effects of the economic downturn on the community.


New study shows relationship between job loss and mental health 

Calgary, AB – Feb. 8, 2016 – A new study at Calgary Counselling Centre shows that the economic downturn continues to weigh heavy on the community. The number of people who stated that they were unemployed in 2014 and looking for work increased by 17 percent from 11.4 percent in 2014 to 13.3 percent in 2015. Additionally, the mental health status of those feeling distressed deteriorated between 2014 and 2015.


Calgary Counselling Centre responding to the mental health needs of Calgarians dealing with economic conditions and job loss  

Calgary, AB – Dec. 9, 2015 – Following the recent Statistics Canada report that the Alberta economy has lost 66,000 jobs since November 2014, and the impact this has on Calgarian’s mental wellbeing, Calgary Counselling Centre is introducing support groups to help those who are impacted by the current economic conditions. Those affected could be individuals who have lost their jobs, are uncertain if they will have jobs in the new year, or are simply struggling with the uncertainly and stress due to changing economic conditions. Starting immediately, Calgarians can register to participate in one of three support groups – one for men, one for women and one for couples – set to begin mid-January.


Calgary Counselling Centre Launches National Depression Screening Day 

Calgary, AB – October 5, 2015 – Calgary Counselling Centre is pleased to announce the launch of National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) – a free public service designed to raise awareness of depression by providing a free and anonymous online screening test.


Calgary Counselling Centre CEO Awarded Prestigious Provincial Award 

Calgary, AB – Sept. 28, 2015 – Calgary Counselling Centre CEO Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner is the 2015 recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction True Leadership Award.


New Research Shows Counselling for 2013 Flood is Resulting in Positive Outcomes 

Calgary, AB – June 17, 2015 – Calgary Counselling Centre is pleased to release new statistics from the 2013 southern Alberta flood that show the many people who received counselling services during and after the flood are showing significant improvement in their mental health.



Calgary, AB – May 5, 2015 – The Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC) is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative designed to help people overcome their struggles through posting their written stories or videos on a website.


New Research Revealed For Depression Treatment

Calgary, AB – April 15, 2015 – Results from a recent study on our depression program concluded clients who completed both individual counselling and group therapy achieve better outcomes than clients who only attend individual counselling. The data come from a yearlong study of close to 5,500 depression clients. These results provide us with a clear direction to help clients experience even greater benefit from treatment.


Conquer the winter blues

Calgary, AB – Jan. 19, 2015 – Feeling blue? You are not alone. January 19, 2015 marks the most depressing day of the year, often referred to as Blue Monday. The holidays have wrapped up, the post-holiday stress is setting in.


Offering phone and Skype counselling appointments to meet the need
Calgary Counselling Centre offices temporarily closed

Calgary, AB –Oct. 14, 2014 –Calgary Counselling Centre is temporarily closed due to the power outage in downtown Calgary. The Centre will be closed from Tuesday, October 14 to Thursday, October 16.


Southern Alberta flood anniversary
Depression does not discriminate
Calgary Counselling Centre urges people to watch for signs and seek help

Calgary, AB –Aug. 21, 2014 – The sudden and tragic death of the comedian and actor Robin Williams was devastating to his fans, friends and family. Sadly, it was Mr. Williams’ battle with depression that led him to take his life.


Southern Alberta flood anniversary
Tips for families on how to cope

Calgary, AB – June 19, 2014 – As summer sets in the thoughts of warmer weather and sunny days are upon us, a time of year that many look forward to. But, this summer just isn’t the same. Feelings of excitement are plagued with unease as the anxieties of melting snow and rising temperatures loom over us. Can I go through this again? This is the question many people are asking themselves as the anniversary of the Southern Alberta floods approaches.


Clara’s Big Ride rolls into Calgary
Calgary Counselling Centre hosts community event May 31

Calgary, AB – May 28, 2014 – Six time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes will ride into Calgary for a visit May 30 -31 as a part of Clara’s Big Ride for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign to end the stigma around mental health.


Her Excellency Sharon Johnston visits Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary, AB – Sept.19, 2013 – Her Excellency Sharon Johnston, wife of His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, visited Calgary Counselling Centre on Tuesday, September 17. Calgary Counselling Centre was one of two local agencies in the city that was toured by Her Excellency.