Let’s Defy Depression with National Depression Screening Day on October 9th

NDSD2014Did you know… 1 in 5 employees are diagnosed as clinically depressed?

Depression is treatable and we can help! Early detection and treatment significantly improves the outcomes.

National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), is taking place this year on October 9, it is a day dedicated to raise awareness of depression and encourage those suffering from it to seek help.

The Calgary Counselling Centre will host a short, free and anonymous online depression screening test for the entire week of October 6th to 10th. NDSD offers individuals the opportunity to be screened with complete anonymity, for depression. The test can be taken from the privacy of your computer, smart phone or tablet. The test points out to participants the presence or absence of depressive symptoms and offers referrals for further evaluation if needed.

Calgary Counselling Centre is thrilled to be partnering this year with all post-secondary institutions, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and a large number of prominent businesses in the city for the 2014 National Depression Screening Day.

Events for the week include:

  • October 6 – Depression Screening Test opens. To take this anonymous test go to
  • October 6 – Kevin Breel – The Depressed Comic – Calgary Counselling Centre is pleased to announce that Kevin Breel will be speaking at events at Mount Royal University and SAIT the morning of October 6th. Stay posted on how you can  witness this comedic celebrity sharing his journey with depression and how it has transformed him into the man he is today.
  • October 8 – George Cope Breakfast – The Calgary Chamber of Commerce can the Calgary Counselling Centre are co-hosting a breakfast featuring George Cope, President and Chief Executive Officer of BCE and Bell Canada. Mr. Cope will be discussing mental health and the impact depression has on every Canadian. For more information and tickets please (ADD LINK For more on the event visit:
  • October 9 – National Depression Screening Day.  Take the screening test at
  • October 10 – Last chance to take the test!

Additionally, Mount Royal Univesity, the University of Calgary and SAIT will be hosting their own events in support of NDSD and mental health awareness week throughout the week of October 6th to 10th. Stay posted for additional information on these post-secondary events.

For more information on National Depression Screening Day visit

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