Kim Busch Addresses the Impact Debt has on Physical Health

Calgary Counselling Centre’s Kim Busch spoke on A.M. 770 radio’s program “Calgary Today” to emphasize how financial debt can negatively affect physical health. As a Registered Psychologist and Associate Director of counselling initiatives at the Centre, Kim is familiar with the physical symptoms that stress can cause. She explains to Calgary Today host Angela Kokott that ulcers and panic attacks are physical manifestations of stress, and agrees with a recent study that stress can lead to high blood pressure and stroke.

“Anytime you have long, sustained stress, it starts to have physical effects on you,” Kim shares, adding that the sooner people start paying off their debt, the less they have to do to fix it.

In today’s society, debt is one of the leading causes of stress. Many companies and health care professionals are readily available in Calgary to assist with financial stress, yet Kim says many people suffering do not seek the help.

“It is hard for people to admit that they need help, for one thing. And then you add money, which is a taboo subject on top of that, and it can be really hard for people to reach out and ask for that help that they need,” Kim explains. “Don’t let (debt) pile up and become more of a burden then it already is.”

Seeking help can assist with avoiding the physical symptoms induced by stress, and lessen the weight of financial pressure that is so heavily placed on individuals. The Calgary Counselling Centre urges those suffering from financial stress to reach out for guidance.

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