It’s not something you should hide…

(With respect to our client’s confidentiality in this story we have used a pseudonym)

Emily had been struggling with bulimia for fifteen years. She decided that it was time to put her health first, reach out for help, and call the Calgary Counselling Centre. When the bulimia started Emily had been facing peer pressure, and eventually stress from her career that began to manifest through this unfortunately common, and treatable, eating disorder.

“The fact that Calgary Counselling Centre was so accessible and I was able to register online was extremely important,” she recalls. “Otherwise I probably would have left it, and not have received the help I needed.”

Initially Emily received individual counselling in which she was introduced to different techniques that helped reduce her stress. “It’s so important to carve out that time for self care,” she states. Emily was able to take the techniques home with her, practice them in her own time, and embark on a path to recovery.

After the individual counselling Emily entered the group Towards Healthy Eating, and met with others facing the same issues she was. “The peer support was very important,” she recalls, “A lot of us are still in contact and we meet once a month.”

Emily is still on her path to recovery, and the individual and group counselling have helped to guide her on her journey.

– Emily, age 26

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