It was time to figure out who I was

Anger is an emotion that can cause a great deal of stress for everyone.  It can cause a person to engage in unhealthy activities, lower self-esteem, and escalate conflicts in relationships.  Cory was always told that anger was just a part of who he was. It was just the way he would always be. However, after a divorce from a ten year marriage, and life-changing visits to Calgary Counselling Center, Cory realized that was not the case.

“It was time to figure out who I was,” Cory says.

Cory had six individual sessions with a counsellor who helped him to realize that it was time to move on as the relationship would not have changed, the anger would still be present, and it was time to let go. The most impactful turning point in Cory’s recovery was the group he entered -Responsible Choices for Men- where he connected with others in similar situations. “It really opened my eyes,” Cory remembered “To meet different people, and get through it together.”

Cory’s progress was monitored from his very first visit, to when he stepped out The Centre doors as a new man through outcome measurement techniques. A process that sets Calgary Counselling Centre above the average counselling centre.

“I’m back to my old laid back, carefree self,” Cory laughs, “It changed my life.”

Anger can be a healthy response to life’s circumstances. It’s all in how was express the experience. It’s not a permanent condition. There are solutions for working through it. At Calgary Counselling Centre Cory learned the tools to express anger in healthy and constructive ways, so that even his friends noticed the positive change.  Anger is no longer a part of Cory, because he’s figured out who he is and every aspect of his life is better.

– Cory, age 36

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