It was a safe spot for me

A new city, a new life, and a whole new spectrum of emotion… When our client Laura made a big move from Toronto to Calgary she was faced with immense change both externally and internally.

“I just felt like something was missing. I didn’t feel right,” she recalls. Laura looked to Calgary Counselling Centre in order to fill that internal space, and figure out how to deal with her persistent sense of unease.

“I was terrified (to go to counselling,) I had never done something like this before but I couldn’t pretend to feel normal anymore,” Laura remembers.

Being all alone in a new city has its downfalls. Laura felt that no one knew what she was going through, she felt as though she was hiding. Upon meeting her counsellor, Laura was able to emerge from her hiding place, open up, and begin to feel like herself once more.

“It was a safe spot for me, and I could talk about whatever I wanted,” she says. “I was supported no matter what, and never judged.”

Laura’s counsellor helped her realize that seeking out counselling in times of trouble is not only comfortable – but healthy. There was nothing to be scared about.

One of the major things Laura was able to realize and come to terms with through counselling pertained to the lack of control one can sometimes have over external factors. She learned to “chill out” and not stress over lack of stability. With a new found knowledge of techniques to help her cope with everyday stressors, she has learnt to take things as they come.

“It’s funny, sometimes I’ll have these great thoughts in my head and I’ll just laugh to myself and think ‘hey, that sounds just like my counsellor,” she states.

Laura is continuing with her counselling in order to expand her ever growing knowledge of how to deal more confidently with everyday living. “I’m doing a lot better, but I still have a lot to learn and can’t wait to do so.”

– Laura, age 27

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