It opened up many different lines of communication for us…

Jillian loves to cook. She’s always in the kitchen brainstorming new dishes, and cooking up a storm. Her boyfriend of five years, Chris, knew this about his beloved girlfriend, and incorporated her love of cooking into his marriage proposal. Chris produced a paper puzzle of the ring he was going to present to her, and put the pieces in different dishes around the kitchen. Jillian, however, did not catch on and proceeded to throw out the puzzle pieces as she found them. This made for a funny, yet incredibly romantic proposal. “I couldn’t stop laughing,” she recalls, “I felt kind of bad.”

Jillian and Chris had been friends before becoming romantically involved, and knew that it’s not only about falling in love – but staying in love. This is why Jillian suggested to her now fiancé that they take the Marriage Preparation Workshop at Calgary Counselling Centre. “I’m always looking for ways to grow and enrich my life personally,” says Jillian, “Chris is very supportive of that.”

As both Jillian and Chris are both in their thirties, they were aware that the older you get the more baggage you can potentially carry from previous relationships. They viewed the Marriage Preparation Workshop as way to make them stronger. “It opened up many different lines of communications for us, we both lead busy lives so that’s very important,” recalled Jillian.

During the workshop Jillian and Chris learned about marriage expectations, conflict resolution, personality, intimacy, and more. “It was interesting to look around the room and see how many different type of couples there are,” mused Jillian. This sheds light on the fact that every couple is uniquely different, but they all face the same challenges when it comes to relationships. The Marriage Preparation Workshop is a way to help couples last, and deal with anything that may come their way.

– Jillian, Age 34

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