It gave me a new life

There’s a group of people sitting in the corner of a coffee shop. They’re laughing, smiling, trading stories, and offering encouragement. Three years ago they were complete strangers, and then they entered the doors of Calgary Counselling Centre looking for solutions to emotional obstacles. They created a long term bond through the group counselling program “Building Esteem.” Together, they worked through their troubles, and they continue that cherished companionship.

Three years later, members of the group still meet to debrief and provide support through issues they encounter in their individual lives.

A former client of Calgary Counselling Centre, Darren, is one of these people. He came to Calgary Counselling Centre at the end of his eight year marriage. He was lethargic, anti-social, and had troubles communicating. Darren was depressed.

“My family doctor diagnosed me with depression and prescribed medication,” he recalls. “The medication helped but I really saw improvement when I went for counselling as well. It was like a package deal.”

Darren saw a counsellor for 8-10 sessions individually before entering the “Building Esteem” group where he made long term friendships. He describes his experience with group counselling in one word: “Awesome.”

Through his individual and group counselling sessions Darren learned strategies to overcome depression, and build his esteem regardless of circumstances occurring in his life. The techniques he still uses today, as well as the support of his group members turned long term companions, ensured that depression did not overtake Darren. He is now equipped with the tools to overcome.

“It gave me a new life,” he recalls.

– Darren, age 36

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