I learned how to deal with my emotions

When you lose someone you love the emotions that arise can be confusing and painful. It can feel overwhelming and frightening, but it is also: normal. Loss is a part of life that everyone must go through. There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief, but there are ways to cope with the painful emotions so that in time you can move on without the burden of grief shadowing your thoughts.

When Lisa lost her mother one year ago, she sought counselling services to deal with her grief. Her experiences talking about her pain were hard, “but in a good way,” she notes. Through counselling Lisa opened up and began her journey of healing.

Lisa felt a bond with her counsellor, and trusted them enough to talk about her issues around eating – she was using food to cope with her pain. As our research demonstrates, often the best results for certain issues such as depression and eating disorders is group counselling. After 9-10 individual sessions Lisa began participating in the Centre’s group “Towards Balanced Eating.”

“I began to track what I was eating,” she recalls. “Talking with others, and feeling the support of others in similar situations was extremely helpful.” Through the group Lisa began to understand how she was using food to avoid feeling grief. With the help of her peers and counsellor, Lisa learned to experience her emotions without fear.

There is no timetable for grief, and everyone heals in their own way. The process naturally unfolds, and through the help of Calgary Counselling Centre Lisa was able to get to know herself better, and cope with life on a day-to-day basis in a healthier manner.

“I learned how to deal with my emotions,” she states, “as well, I learned to talk to others and receive comfort.”

The loss of a loved one causes pain, and intense feelings of sadness. Calgary Counselling Centre is – and always will be – there to help the journey through grief. The wounds will heal, and the beautiful memories will remain.

– Lisa, Age 38

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