I just started getting better…

Three days before his birthday Justin went through a break-up that emotionally drained him and left him feeling as he never had before. He couldn’t sleep, he lacked motivation, he no longer wanted to socialize, and most troublesome of all: he had thoughts of suicide.

Justin never felt so lost and knew something was wrong, he had never experienced these symptoms. He went to his family doctor who set him up with an in-house therapist, but it didn’t help. The therapist within the family doctors practice knew that Justin was suffering from depression and prescribed medication. Unable to help him beyond that, the doctor referred Justin to Calgary Counselling Centre. A place where the door is always open, and starting the conversation is a small first step to changing one’s life.

“I went to Calgary Counselling Centre thinking ‘I’ll just see what happens’” Justin recalls. “I wasn’t very hopeful at the beginning as I had been talking to my family doctor about this for months.”

After a few sessions questions began to be answered, there was a light in the darkness – progress was being made.

“I just started getting better…” remembers Justin.

Not only was Justin growing and recovering, he was able to monitor how well he was doing thanks to the Feedback Informed Treatment model the Centre incorporated into every session to measure client progress and the client- counsellor relationship. “It gives a great indication of the progress I’ve made, and where I can continue to grow.”

After his individual sessions he entered into a group program: Break Loose from Depression. As Justin looked around the room in the group sessions he was comforted by the fact that he was not alone in depression. There were others with different outlooks and experiences, yet they all came together as they all were feeling the same way. Together as a group they were going to break through depression, and get back to living.

“Sometimes medications can help you when things get rough; it’s hit or miss really.” Justin states. “But counselling, that’s what will help you in the long run.”

– Justin, age 23

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