I just needed to process it with someone

What do you do when someone you trust, someone you care for, and someone you would do anything for leaves you abruptly? How do you cope? Who do you turn to? How do you deal?

Vicki had been dealing with abandonment issues all her life, and when someone she worked very closely with at a drug addiction recovery centre abruptly left, she was left reeling. There were overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. Vicki began to over-eat as a coping mechanism for the stress in her life.

“I just needed to process it with someone,” she recalls.

Someone who would be receptive, someone who wouldn’t judge, and someone who would lead her on her path to recovery.

And so, Vicki was referred to Calgary Counselling Centre where she met a counsellor she truly bonded with and completely trusted. “She had a personal interest,” says Vicki.

Vicki’s emotional vital signs were monitored through Calgary Counselling Centre’s outcome measurement as part of the Feedback Informed Treatment Model which determines the client’s progress and satisfaction of the client-counsellor relationship on an ongoing basis. Counsellor and patient looked on as they continued to improve, and smiles widened.

“It really kept me accountable,” Vicki notes.

At this point, Vicki was 200 pounds overweight. Her counsellor made the suggestion that she join the group – Towards Balanced Eating- in order to interact with others facing similar problems, and dealing with similar reactions to stress.

“The group was immensely helpful,” says Vicki. “Just to see all the different perspectives and to know other people felt what you were feeling.”

Vicki took part in the group for three months, and has been seeing her counsellor for over a year. To date she has lost 60 pounds, and has changed her life. Vicki now uses the tools she learnt through Calgary Counselling Centre to cope with life’s trials and tribulations.

“I’m just not as overwhelmed, I’m coping easier, and I’m definitely eating better.” Vicki explained. “I’m doing really, really, well.”

– Vicki, age 49 

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