Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner: We Can Learn From Robin Williams Death

Calgary Counselling Centre’s Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner raised awareness towards mental health in an opinion piece remembering actor Robin Williams featured in the Calgary Herald.

Robbie wrote we can learn from Williams’ death, and that there is help available for the tens of thousands of Calgarians who still suffer from mental health issues.

“As we remember this wonderful comedian, let’s also remember there is help close at hand for Calgarians who have mental health issues. Too many of those 803,900 deaths by suicide this year will be right here in our community,” Robbie wrote.

As the world mourns the loss of Robin Williams, emphasis on encouraging those suffering from depression to get help is crucial. According to a World Health Organization report, Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative, someone in the world takes their own life every 40 seconds, which adds up to 803,900 deaths every year.

“Too often, picking up the phone or leaving the house to see a counsellor seems like impossible tasks. But the reality is depression is treatable — 80 per cent of those who seek treatment get better,” shared Robbie, adding that Calgary Counselling Centre has been helping people deal with mental health issues for over 50 years.

Robin William’s death signifies the fact that anyone can suffer from depression, and the importance of seeking treatment.

“We are fascinated by celebrities. And sometimes we can learn from them,” Robbie wrote.

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