Get Involved


There are countless ways to volunteer with Calgary Counselling Centre. You can help out in the Call Centre and be the supportive first contact for those seeking help, assist with filing and organizing records, help with events and so much more. Every year the contributions of our 100+ volunteers make a significant difference to the services we provide to our clients.  To find out how you can get involved please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

Create an Event

One of the best ways to give back to our community is to create an event that raises funds and awareness. If you have a great idea about a fundraiser and want to talk to us, we’re all ears! Please give our Fund Development Associate a call at 403-691-5986. We’d be delighted to chat about your idea and see how we can fuel your passion to make a difference.


At Calgary Counselling Centre we have a bold vision for the future. We see a city where everyone who needs counselling can access it – regardless of their economic, social, ethnic or cultural background. We see a world where depression, eating disorders, domestic abuse and all issues affecting  the emotional and psychological well-being of Calgarians are dealt with before they disrupt lives, families, workplaces and communities. We see a world where prevention is founded on solid research and training. Our bold vision includes constantly improving upon how we deliver our services, how we achieve unprecedented results and how we make a difference to everyone who comes through our doors.

We’re making strides, but there’s a lot more to do. And you can help.

When you give generously, you have an immediate impact on the well-being of your fellow Calgarians. Your donation means someone who can’t afford to get the help they need, can find help. Your donation affects lives.

Your donation will help:

  • Economically disadvantaged Calgarians gain access to leading-edge counselling
  • Students/interns/residents to deliver best practices in clinical and counselling practices
  • Provide innovative counselling programs to help meet the psychological and emotional needs of our community
  • Fund leading edge research, making Calgary a leader in our field

We provide counselling to Calgarians from every walk of life and every economic strata. For those with limited financial resources, we ensure our sliding fee-scale doesn’t overwhelm their budget. That’s why your generosity makes such a difference. We’re able to meet the need without implementing a waitlist or turning anyone away. To find out how you can make a difference contact our Fund Development Coordinator at

There are many ways to give.