Defy Depression Video

In January, we launched our Defy Depression campaign a major initiative to fight depression in our community.  Defy Depression is a six million dollar fund raising campaign over three years to ultimately reverse the long term spreading of depression.

Depression affects all of us. It can strike anyone at any time. In Calgary on average, 4 to 8 teenagers are depressed in every classroom. Only 1 or 2 of those kids are getting help.

 We are excited to share our new Defy Depression video:


We invite you to share the video on your social media and with your family and friends. You never know what will be the push for people to take that next step in seeking help.

Depression not only impacts our neighbour’s and our community, but our economy’s vibrancy and productivity. One in five employees are diagnosed as clinically depressed. An average of 30 work days are lost per depression sufferer.


We need help now!

Calgary Counselling Centre has identified four key pillars to transform this issue.

  1. ACTIVATION: screening and engagement campaign
  2. ACCESS: ensure subsidies are available for our most vulnerable citizens, develop cultural-specific programs
  3. EDUCATION: train more counsellors, students and service providers on leading international best practices
  4. RESEARCH: ongoing evaluation and analysis of program outcomes, share best practices with policy makers and other service providers

No one else is tackling depression in this comprehensive, transformational way. In order to reverse the spread of depression, long-term funding is vital. For more information on the defy depression check out our website:

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