Calgary Counselling Centre Group Programs

Group programs are a highly effective form of treatment.  Sharing your counselling journey with others who are going through similar circumstances can be a powerful healing technique. Group programs provide you with the necessary support to work through your emotional struggles in a safe and secure environment.

Group programs at the Centre are focused on our five specialty areas: depression, domestic abuse, relationships, child and youth, and eating disorders. Each program is carefully researched and designed to support and complement individual counselling. Research shows the combination of group programs and one-on-one counselling provides the highest positive client results.

In order to participate in a group program, you must first attend an individual counselling session where your counsellor will carefully assess your situation. The counsellor will then recommend a specific group if they see it as a good fit for your counselling journey.

You can register for counselling online here or contact our Call Centre at 403-691-5991



“The power of not feeling alone is incredible, that’s the most important thing I took from the group.” –Sherri, Age 35