Our Community

Assisting individuals and families to build better lives is a core tenet of the work we do at Calgary Counselling Centre. Being involved in conversations within a community network enhances our ability to deliver real time and vital support to individuals and families in need. It also ensures optimization of resources for both the Centre and our community partners.

Through our network of community partners we are able to work closely together to align our services and avoid duplication of effort. In addition, working together means we share research findings to inform program development, policy and advocacy efforts, enhance fundraising and other community based initiatives.

Currently, the Centre operates under 33 partnerships with community agencies, mental and social health organizations in our community. These relationships range from referral sources to program support to mandated counselling services.

Community Partners


“Where collaboration saves lives”. Our director of family violence initiatives Christine Berry sits on the Homefront board. Teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing help drive Homefront to be an integral part in the prevention and treatment of domestic violence. Homefront is a crucial part of the justice system, it brings together police, shelters, child service agencies, and local treatment agencies including Calgary Counselling Centre in order to stop the cycle of domestic abuse. One of the main roles of Homefront is to be a constant presence in court room 508 – a court room specifically for domestic violence cases- from there Homefront provides services for victims of domestic abuse, and those who were abusive are referred to Calgary Counselling Centre through probation.

Calgary Domestic Violence Collective:

This collective initiative we are involved with is broader in scope, and looks at many issues affecting our community such as: homelessness, legal aid, domestic violence and more. It started in 1981 and focuses on issues affecting families in the Calgary area through info sharing, awareness, and advocating to government. It allows for a coordinated response to violence prevention. This collective allows us to be connected to many other agencies within Calgary including the YWCA, Alberta Works, Connect, and more. We collaborate with one another to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and our community.

Family Violence Community Coordinating Sub-Committee:

This committee we are involved with sits at the provincial level and focuses on organizations across Alberta working with mandated offenders. Through collaboration, sharing of research, and knowing what’s available for the best possible outcomes, this committee affects our entire province.

Calgary Police Services:

Our partnership with Calgary Police Services is crucial to the well-being of our community. Offenders and victims are referred to us, so that we can start a conversation with them and lead them on their path to recovery.

Immigrant Services Calgary – Language Bank :

If we are unable to provide counselling in a client’s first language we seek the assistance of the Language Bank through Immigrant Services Calgary. This is funded by The United Way and ensures that we are able to start conversations with all.

Wheatland Shelter for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse:

This Strathmore shelter is a shared project between Calgary Counselling Centre and Wheatland Shelter. It focuses on treatment for male victims of domestic abuse.

High Risk Management Committee:

This committee is a branch out of Homefront that works on case plans and management for high risk offenders with large criminal records. Our involvement on this committee ensures the best possible treatment for rehabilitation into the community.